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If you landed on this page, you did a search on Google for Chiropractor SEO. This means you found our site using Google’s search engine. Our company can create the same results for your business by targeting search phrases related to your industry using our knowledge in search engine optimization campaign.

About Our Chiropractor SEO Marketing Agency

DeveloClub, LLC is a digital marketing and SEO agency that offers search engine optimization, local seo, ppc management, web design, and graphic design services. Our digital marketing agency team are experts in search engine marketing with results that speak for themselves. Managing over 30 monthly clients, we have an industry leading 85% retention rate with our monthly clients.

Our office is located at 2844 Cobb Pkwy #223 Atlanta Ga 30339 – but we have SEO clients all around the US. Below are some reasons why we are the right company to hire if your business is implementing SEO for chiropractic marketing.

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Hire DeveloClub

  • We rank #1 for “SEO Monroe” organically in the search
  • We rank #1 for “SEO Athens” organically in the search
  • We rank # 5 for “Hollywood SEO” organically on Google, and many more keywords
  • Hire someone that knows how to rank their own website. This proves they know what they are doing.
  • A real company with a team of experts located in Atlanta GA
  • Detailed campaign tracking report so you can track your rankings and progress
  • Long tail keyword targeting, creating less competition to generate fast rankings
  • Researched content marketing strategy based on competitor research
  • A+ reviews on Google My Business and Better Business Bureau
  • All of our work is done in-house. We never outsource to cheap laborers overseas

Our goal as a business is to grow your traffic and conversions, which will create more leads and revenue for your business. We use science proven SEO strategies giving your website top Google rankings over time. Our techniques will keep you safe from Google’s ever-changing algorithm. CEO and owner Lee Lemonds, has been a student and implementer of an SEO approach that proven to gain more exposure for your brand. This will result in more website visitors and increased earnings. Who doesn’t want that, right?

Our Chiropractic SEO Process

The chiropractor industry is super competitive for SEO and search engine rankings.  Knowing that, our team begins every search engine optimization campaign by identifying and researching your competitors. This is extremely important for creating a successful campaign. This market research will give us valuable information on your competition. We will learn things such as: the domain ratings of your competitors, their backlink profiles, their referring domains, their content, and much more. Having that, we will have the data needed to out rank them. Once we have looked at all the data and outlined a strategy, we will begin the SEO campaign following the SEO process below:

Fixing On-Site Technical Issues:

When a new client signs up, on-page SEO optimization is first. This is also known as technical SEO. We perform a website audit analyzing your website. We search for common issues that is hurting your website from higher rankings. Some common problems are: 404 errors, domain redirects, site security (SSL), site speed, site structure (H1-H6 headings), page titles, url names, schema mark up, thin content, and much more. Once all of the on page SEO has been properly optimized we move on the next step.

Adding SEO Content To The Website: 

The DeveloClub team will use the data gained in the competitor research stage to add content to your website. This content will target specific keywords your potential customers are searching in Google. The content we write on our client’s website is usually longer in word count ensuring that we get the rankings. In 2019, SEO is all about creating great content to give the user what they are searching for.

Create a Link Building Campaign: 

Having great content alone isn’t enough to rank.  Your “domain rating” is a number that google uses in it’s ranking algorithm. Based on your competitors, you will need to get close as possible to their rating.  We will do this by getting backlinks to your website. This will help rank all of the content we have wrote.  We get backlinks in a number of ways. We have partner networks we use, guest posts on relevant blogs, and links in your local area. Your business can also be featured on several websites where they will place a link back to your website.

How Much Does Chiropractor SEO Cost? 

Now on the the question you are probably thinking. How much does SEO cost in the chiropractor market?  This question will be different for every business. The reason for this is, it comes down to the level of competition in your industry and the state of your current website’s visibility online. So, for us to know the price for a business wanting to implement SEO, we first have to do a comprehensive competitor analysis.

All of our SEO campaigns are for a period of time with one total cost. Your total investment is then broke down into monthly payments. Here is an example: after competitor analysis we determine in order to create a successful campaign 250 hours are needed to complete the service. We charge $75 per hour, so the total cost is $18,750 for the SEO campaign. This total campaign cost is broken down into monthly payments.  If you come on for 6 months (which is most common), the monthly price will be $3,125.

For all of our clients, the DeveloClub team will monitor things such as:

  • Google Analytics data
  • Google Search Console date
  • Google my business data
  • Rankings report

Ready To Start Your Custom SEO Strategy Today?

If you’re ready start a digital marketing strategy contact us today to schedule a phone call so we can talk about a plan to get your higher rankings.  Our digital marketing agency specializes in marketing for chiropractors, roofers, plumbers, dentists, law firms, and many more.  Click the button button if you are ready to sky rocket your rankings today.


Some Of Our Clients

Below is some great content on chiropractor SEO and marketing.

Chiropractor Marketing & SEO

Advancement in technology has changed the world of marketing and advertising. With the internet, advertisers now spend less and get more result. This is the beauty of technology. Basically, they are two ways to promote your business in today’s society – Search Engines Optimization and internet advertising. It is a known fact that people all over the world search billions of keywords on Search engines every day, and more are expected in 2019.

Search engine result page provides quick answer to people’s questions. What patients do these days is to search for the best Chiropractor in their preferred city. Trust me, they often click on the first five links on Search Engine Result Page and book an appointment. In view of this, it is necessary for Chiropractors to have a well optimized SEO website.

A good chiropractor SEO website will give you a competitive advantage in the industry. Your brand will be more recognized, your business will be more exposed, and patients will book more appointments. This is far better than spending huge amount of money on other form of advertising that may not yield good result.

In this article, we will present you with the nitty-gritty of Chiropractor SEO and how you can position your website strategically to be optimized.

As a chiropractor, you can easily connect with new patients when you have a well optimized SEO website.

There are several reasons why you should invest in Local SEO services as a Chiropractor; some of these reasons are discussed below;

Why Chiropractors Should Optimize Their Website for SEO

Spend Less on Advert

When you invest in search engine optimization, you will definitely spend less on advert. Most times, new patients will find you through search engine result page, especially Google. Unlike in the past, most chiropractor patients search for these services on the internet using Google or other search result.

So, if you focus on SEO as a marketing option for your chiropractic services, you are definitely going to get better results.

Free Traffic

A good SEO optimized website will always drive free traffic to your website. While your competitors are spending huge amount of money advertising their services, a good local SEO will make you spend less.

Better Result

It is very easy to rank first page of Google search engine result page when you focus on chiropractics related keywords. So, when you rank high on chiropractics related keywords on Google, you are certainly going to get more traffic. This means the possibility of getting new patients to patronize your chiropractic services.

How to Optimize For Chiropractic SEO

The next section of this article will focus on how to optimize your website for chiropractor SEO. Although the keywords are relatively easy to rank, you still need to do the right thing. Below is a step by step guide on how to optimize for Chiropractor SEO.

Develop Your Keywords

The first thing you should do when optimizing for Chiropractor search engine rankings is to develop a list of keywords. When developing keywords for your website, you must consider the services you offer. In other words, your focus keywords should reflect on the services you offer.

As a rule, the keywords for your chiropractic services website should be between ten to twenty words. And when you are developing the keywords, you have to consider the following;

  • The nature of your Chiropractic practice
  • Your area of expertise
  • Your location
  • Your Chiropractors

When you consider the aforementioned when developing your keywords, you will have the right list of keywords on your website.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

A mobile friendly websites have higher chances of ranking top on Search Engine Result Pages. So, your chiropractic website should be developed to be compatible with mobile devices.

Over 70 percent of internet users surf the internet using with their smart phones. Therefore, you are likely to attract more visitors when your website is smart and mobile friendly.

Create Great Contents

Content is king in SEO. It is one of the most important aspects you should pay attention to, if you want to rank high for a chiropractic keyword.

Ensure that you strategically insert your chiropractic keywords on the content. Don’t just write any content. Your content should be informative, educative, and engaging.

Your sentence should be human friendly, easy to understand and interesting… A good content will get you more social media share.

Back Up Your Contents with Backlinks

Backlinks building is an important offsite SEO strategy for your chiropractic website. Backlinks make your contents more credible, and make them rank easily.

With a successful SEO agency, like DeveloClub, you will get quality traffic to your website; this will surely bring new patients to your platform.

Ready to take your Chiropractor business to the next level?


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