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If you landed on this page, you did a search on Google for Dental SEO. This means you found our site using Google’s search engine. Our company can create the same results for your business by targeting search phrases related to your industry using our knowledge in search engine optimization campaign.

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DeveloClub, LLC is a digital marketing and SEO agency that offers search engine optimization, local seo, ppc management, web design, and graphic design services. Our digital marketing agency team are experts in search engine marketing with results that speak for themselves. Managing over 30 monthly clients, we have an industry leading 85% retention rate with our monthly clients.

Our office is located at 2844 Cobb Pkwy #223 Atlanta Ga 30339 – but we have SEO clients all around the US. Below are some reasons why we are the right company to hire if your business is implementing SEO in your dental business.

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Our goal as a business is to grow your traffic and conversions, which will create more leads and revenue for your business. We use science proven SEO strategies giving your website top Google rankings over time. Our techniques will keep you safe from Google’s ever-changing algorithm. CEO and owner Lee Lemonds, has been a student and implementer of an SEO approach that proven to gain more exposure for your brand. This will result in more website visitors and increased earnings. Who doesn’t want that, right?

What Is Dental SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of digital marketing. Players in the dental business can take advantage of SEO to get new patients. This will definitely make your practice ease, and increase your chance of success. In this article, you will learn about Dental SEO and how you can key it into your dental business.

The dental business is very competitive and you have to be strategic to be outstanding. When you optimized your practice website for Dental SEO, there is a high possibility that your website will rank high for dentally related keywords. This will bring attract more potential patients to your website, and possibly lead to more business.

It actually makes your dental practice a bit easier when your website ranks high and get new patients regularly from organic search results.

Optimizing your business for dentist SEO is very easy. All you need to do is to pay keen attention to the details we will discuss in this article.  After reading this content, you will understand what it takes to implement dental SEO techniques for your website. And have a better understanding of how to promote your dental business on social media.

The Benefits of Optimizing Your Business Website for Dental Marketing

SEO helps to increase the number of visitors to your business website organically using different strategies and campaign methods. When you have a good Dental SEO strategy for your business, Search engines will see your website as an authority in the niche. This will certainly make your website to rank high on search engines result pages.

There are several benefits your website will get when you optimize it for dental SEO; some of these benefits are…

Increase Your Business Visibility

Search engine optimization will naturally increase your online presence, expose your business better and increase its visibility.

SEO strategy brings organic traffic to your business website through keywords. Keywords terms or phrases that potential patients search for when they need dental services. If your content is optimized for any of the keywords they are searching, they will end up visiting your website.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

Making your website user-friendly is an important SEO strategy. It makes visitors spend more time on your website. And when visitors are spending more time on particular content, search engines will rank such content high on Search Engine Result Page.

So, as you design a website for your dental business, ensure such website is mobile friendly as most people surf the internet with smartphones these days.

Improve Your Website’s Authority

Building an authority website in a particular niche is not an easy task. But a good SEO strategy will seamlessly improve your website’s authority via quality contents.

Google will improve the authority of your website when people visit your contents often and spend more time on it. It greatly benefits your business when you have a high authority website in Dental niche.

Drive New Patients to Your Business

When your website starts ranking high on dental-related keywords, are get more quality traffic. There is a high possibility that a large percentage of these visitors may become your patients.

How Long Does Dental SEO Take?

Running SEO campaign is not magic. It takes several months before your Dental SEO efforts yield a significant result. Basically, you need to be consistent and keep doing the right thing. Eventually, your keywords will be ranked by search engines, and you will start seeing influx of visitors to your website.

So, don’t think SEO campaign happens overnight. It can take a few months of execution before you start seeing the expected results.

There are five things you need to know about your campaign and Achieving Significant Results

  • It takes several months for your SEO campaign to materialize. However, you may start seeing changes in weeks, but the overall changes will come in months.
  • It actually takes a while for search engines to crawl your website and establish it as an authority site in dental-related keywords.
  • Patience and persistence is an absolute necessity in SEO. Since the result is not always immediate, you need to be patience and persistence with your drive to build an authority website. Sometimes, people quit SEO campaign prematurely; this would definitely have a negative effect on the website.
  • In every SEO campaign, results are always in two areas – a high search engine result page ranking, and increase in the number of visitors to your website.
  • A time will come when your website will reach stability. Stability in the context means that the number of visitors to your website will stop increasing. It is natural for this to happen in SEO. At this stage, your SEO effort will be tailored towards maintaining your traffic, rather than increasing them.

When you are optimizing your website for Dental SEO, you have to consider both on site and off site SEO campaigns.

How to Optimize Your Website for onsite Dental SEO

On-site SEO are those activities you perform on your website to make it more attractive to your visitors and search engines. This will definitely make the website rank higher and increase users’ experience…

#1. Develop a list of keywords that are directly related to your services. Ensure that the keywords you are using have high search volumes that reflect on your service.

#2. Ensure that your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

#3. Content is the epicenter of onsite SEO. Ensure that your contents are engaging and useful to your visitors. This will increase your chances of getting new patients for your dental business.

#4. Use Google analytics to track important statistics like website traffic, bounce rate, and other key performance indicators…

#5. Improve your website loading speed

After optimizing your dental website for onsite SEO, you also need to work on offsite SEO.

In optimizing your website for offsite SEO, you need to build links for your dental business, clean your website profile link, and work on directory listing that is specific to your dental business.

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