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A Great Way To Build Authority Is Creating Inbound Links To Your Website

We know that one part of SEO is proper On Page SEO. Although this is a great start, adding content and optimizing things on your site isn’t the end of the process.

An Off-page SEO strategy is equally important. Placing a link to your site or blog posts on other websites/blogs, social media profiles,  and directory listings is a great way to build authority for your site in the eyes of Google.

This process doesn’t happen over night. It takes time and requires patience, although very much worth it. Our team at DeveloClub knows what it takes to acquire links that are not only high quality links but are relevant to your business. Here are some ways we get links for our clients:

  • Blog Posts: Some people will insert your website link on a blog they have published that relates to your business. If someone writes a blog about how to fix a leak in your house, they can place a link to your plumbing company’s website. This helps your ranking in Google.
  •  Guest Blog Posts: Similar to the previous method, websites will allow you to write your own blog post and publish it on their site. When you do this, it proves you know your business and it helps with rankings as well.
  • Press Releases: These are short new stories written about your business that helps draw media attention to events about your business. When a media company picks up the publication you will receive a link back to your site. This helps you website because Google trust these sources.
  • Social Media: Everyone is using social media. Google wants to see that your social profiles and active. They also look for social signals such as shares, likes, and retweets. They want to see that your website is being shared. We take advantage of this and strategically share your content on social media.

Any SEO campaign needs to have a balance of on and off page SEO. If you want to discuss a strategy that will help your business, click the Request A Free Consultation button below.


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