The world is going digital and every business needs a website to remain competitive. With an increase in the demand for web design services in the world of business, designers are becoming more creative in designing websites.

Again, there have been different web design trends in the last decade. Some years back, most websites were built using HTML. However, this has changed in recent times. Most websites are now using WordPress, Wix and other platforms.  

There are several web design trends 2019 and each of these trends will have a great impact on websites. As a web developer, you must understand these different trends to be able to exceed your clients’ expectation. When starting the web design process, discovering the current trends is one of the first steps to be taken.

With several web developers out there, understanding the web design trends will definitely give you an edge over your competitors. Without much ado, I present to you the top 15 web design trends 2019.

1. Serifs On Screen

Serifs on Screen are one of the web design trends 2019. It baffles me how things change so fast in the world of web design. In the past, we believed that Serifs are for prints while Sans Serifs are for screens. Obviously, this has changed and the reverse is now the case.

While some brands still stay glued to Sans due to its high level of readability, most organizations are now opting for Serifs in areas like header and callout. The reason for this is because Serifs are very attractive and they can easily be used for emphasis.

To most people, Serifs are old fashion. This may be true, but they have amazing characters. Again, they are very adaptable with great decorative features. Brands like Mailchimps, The Medium etc, are already using Serifs on Screen.

2. 3 Dimensional illustration

A 3-dimensional illustration is another amazing web design trend of 2019. Most brands are now using 3-dimensional illustrations to improve their brand online.

One of the reasons this trend is popular among designers is that it enables them to add depth and realism to graphics on websites. 3D illustrations help to blur the boundaries between the digital and physical world.

Basically, what 3D illustration does is to blend digital products and human beings. This will definitely bring about imaginary spaces between the duo for easy manipulation of digital elements.

Again, 3D illustration renders people’s image from flat to cartoons illustrations. It is what most top brands are doing, this is why it has become a trend in web design.

3. Black – and – White Palettes

Color is what you can’t neglect in web design. It helps to create visual landmarks for users. But black and white has suddenly became a web design trend.

While color is awesome, black and white (Absence of color) allows us to see things differently. With black and white, textures and shapes become clearer.

With the cleanliness and reservation of white and the assertiveness of black, your website will definitely have a striking look. This is why “black and white palettes” are one of the website design trends 2019.

Experts are of the opinion that the combination of minimal amounts of color is the biggest effect this trend has on web design.

Again, this trend will help to make points of interests.

4. Natural, Organic Shapes

Advancement is technology is really shifting paradigms in website designs. Ordinarily, web pages are set up for systematic grids.

But this has changed in recent times. Designers now prefer to use natural shapes and smooth lines. This is because they give a feeling of comfort and accessibility.

With organic shapes, every webpage will be outstanding. The essence of this trend is for web designs to be lively via the illusion of movement.

5. Flat Design

Flat design is a simple design approach to website design. It is one of the most common trends in web design and it is still trending in 2019.

A flat design features the use of open space, bright colors, and 2D illustrations. Due to its simplicity, it has become a standard for web design over time.

Flat design is popular because it is perfect for a fast loading website. Most websites with fast loading time and good users experience are flat designs.

Since flat design makes use of simple illustrations with less data, the website will naturally have a quicker loading time.

With this SEO dispensation we are, a fast loading website is what most people look forward to. This is why flat design is one of the web designs trends in 2019.

6. Animated GIFs

The mindsets of internet users are changing. They don’t want to spend a long time on websites, they just want to get the information they need and leave.

This instant gratification mindset of internet users led to the emergence of Animated GIFs.

This trend presents ideas in an entertaining way. Most GIFs are always engaging and educative. This will definitely make your website users want to learn more.

Incorporating animated gifs in your web design has several benefits to your marketing efforts. Some of them are;

Animated Gifs Are Easy To Consume

Times are changing and any content that fails to capture users’ attention in less than a minute has lost it. However, a good animated gif can easily engage your users and enable them to consume the content in no time.

They Are Perfect For Telling Story Or Explaining A Process

You can easily tell a story or explain a process using animated Gifs. Again, they are great for communicating, telling a story and explaining a step by step process.

How gifs are able to connect with users easily is still what baffles will unconsciously find yourself listening attentively to an animated gif story.

Gifs Create Emotions

Again, gifs help to create emotions to your content. It gives that emotional feeling to users whenever they see it.

7. Conversational Bots and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has found its way into website design. Most websites now have conversational bots that chat with every new visitor to your website.

Most organizations recognize the fact that bots have several benefits. And this is why they emerge as one of the web designs trends in 2019.

8. White Space

Gone are those days when a website is choked up with several elements. In modern time, we are now seeing simpler layout websites with a large amount of white space.

White space gives breathing room around the elements on a web page. Again, white space improves readability and makes it easy for users to identify important information on the website.

Some brands use white space to break section without their websites. This will bring about good users experience.

9. Website Accessibility

Even though website accessibility is not really a trend, it is a movement that must be embraced in 2019.

Website accessibility in this context refers to designing websites in such a way that people with disabilities can use it.

Sadly, most designers aren’t keying into this area yet. But it is an aspect that shouldn’t be neglected for any reason.

10. Design Systems

Design systems is another top-notch web design trend you will be seeing in 2019. They are like reusable components that have certain rules, principles, and constraints guiding them.

As of today, most designers don’t know much about this trend. But it is fast becoming and companies like Shopify, Trello, and Airbnb are at the forefront of this trend. They actually dedicated certain pages of their websites to Design systems.

What I love so much about this trend is the fact that it reduces inconsistencies and makes your design process faster. Without an iota of doubt, the design system will revolutionize the workflow of designers and developers.

There are several benefits of using design systems some of them are:

They Reduce Your Design Debts

Sound strange right? Don’t be confuse, design debt is real and it is a problem most companies are battling with on daily basis. Over time, standards of websites change due to the addition of new features while leaving old features to become outdated.

However, since design systems are maintained and updated regularly, they can always grow with the products they are supporting.

Other benefits of using design systems are; eliminate inconsistencies in the design process, speed up the design process, make life easier for your customers etc.

11. Outlined Type

Outlined topography will be one of the most popular web design trends in 2019. When this trend is handled by an expert designer, the outline will act as shapes. This will definitely boost the visual composition of your website.

A good outline should be able to interact minimally with other elements like background, image etc that are on a web page. Again, you have to be careful and technical about this. Avoid adding copy as an image, this could affect the SEO of the website.

When it becomes necessary to create styling and effects, CSS or Javascript will do the needful for you.

12. Micro Interactions

Micro-interactions tailored towards surprising users and creating events that are attractive, inviting and human. For every action you take on a website or mobile app, there is always a micro-interaction. Its allow the website to interact with the user passively.

The beep you hear whenever you refresh your Twitter page is a perfect example of Micro interactions. Actually, they have been using them for a while. But seems most website will have these features in them in 2019.

Hover and scrolling animations, Chimes etc are some of the micro-interactions features we hope to see on websites in 2019. At all time, micro interactions make a website smarter.

13. Thumb Friendly Navigation

We all know that over 60 percent of internet users now do use their mobile phone to visit websites. So, there is a shift from the normal use of a mouse to the use of the thumb. This makes creating thumb friendly navigation website a web design trend in 2019.

Basically, a thumb-friendly navigation website has the following benefits:

Increased Traffic From Mobile Users

Traffic is the first thing every website owner look forward to. Irrespective of what you use your website for, when there is no traffic, the purpose of the website will be defeated.

But when your website has a friendly navigation design, it will surely get increased traffic from mobile users.

Provides Seamless Users Experience

When your website has a thumb-friendly navigation, mobile users will definitely have a seamless experience. One thing is sure, people always like visiting a website with good user experience. And they are likely going to recommend more people to the web page as well.

Improves SEO Efforts

A friendly website will improve your website ranking on Search Engine Result Page. Once Google detects that your website provides good users experience, the ranking will increase over time.

14. Diversity

We wish to see more diversity in web design in 2019. In case you forget, Web is the last of the three Ws. The other two are World and Wide. It implies that the internet is for people from all walks of life.

So, designers should be more inclusive in their design concepts. They should come up with features that are accommodating and applicable to people from all walks of life irrespective of their personal philosophy.

15. Screen Dominating Text

This is a trend that we are all looking forward to. Copywriters are of the opinion that texts should come first in every design process. It actually makes sense to website users when they see text on the website.


Now you have seen the web design trends of 2019. They are all lovely and interesting, just like me, I believe you are also looking forward to seeing them.

But don’t forget that trends are never-ending. They come and go. Some may stay for a while, and others may fade out too quickly like a flash in the pan.

What makes the difference is how you are able to use some of these trends to create an exceptional website for the brand you are working. This is what will make you outstanding in the industry.

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